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Originally Posted by Gio47 View Post
58% win rate over 700 plays isn't legit? Billy Walters (look him up because I know you don't know who he is) is the biggest and most successful sports bettor in the world. His win rate is 58%.

Books don't gamble, they aim for 50/50 action. They don't always get it exact but that's the goal. The reason street books make money is because people lack money management skills. They go all in and eventually they lose.
Do you really think Vegas doesn't know in advance which games will get bet heavy by the line they release? They set the line according to their line systems not by the public. The public doesn't always move a line, sharp money does. I have heard of Billy Walters and if makes a big move on a game he will move the line by himself even if the public is on the other side. Vegas doesn't respect the public or their money. There are big movers in this business and they move lines. If you hit 58% of your games then that is a great number especially if you can get reduced juice at places like 5 dimes or pinbet.

Reduced juice is key to a good money managment system for big players. Do agree?
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