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Originally Posted by GoJays View Post
@CDub: because TNA has never stolen a storyline from WWE? I saw the tweets from Kurt Angle and Earl Hebner and laughed. At this point it's a different storyline. If they bring in a horrible acting pregnant woman calling John Cena her baby daddy, I'll be inclined to side with you.

Don't even get me started on how many storylines TNA has copied of off WWE, though.
im not saying that storylines arent re-hashed over and over again in wrestling..they always have and always will.

The point im trying to make is...McMahon and the WWE are always with the stance "TNA doesnt exist..even if they did they arent even on our radar to think about".

And it normally wouldnt be that big a deal..but TNA JUST finished this storyline not even 2 freakin months ago (middle to end of August). wasnt the best laid out storyline, and didnt help that the actress quit close to the end due to harrassment about her bad acting etc.....but the point still is was a fresh storyline that hadnt been done in awhile (at least in recent memory, i could be wrong)...and WWE jumps right into at right after they did it.

Now..this could be some backhanded mack in the face WWE is trying...a la trying to show them how to do it right (since TNA did sue WWE afterall)..but so far this storylinehas been full of just as much nonsense as the TNA one had.
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