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Went down to my PO today thinking they were open since I got some mail in yesterday, turns out they are closed, my who county seems to be without power besides my housing area and a couple other places.

Anyways I've packed everything so hopefully I can ship soon.

For those members who didn't receive any cards (CP3toOKC, ttyler516, barkerjc6, jam92102) I'll give you 3 options, please post below what you would like.

1. Refund of your shipping cost - $2.50
2. Some cards from my collection of the team you have in this break.
3. A chance at a free spot in my 2011 Tier One Group Break (Only Valid if everyone chooses) If everyone takes this a Mod will random every ones name and who ever is on top will get a free spot in my 2011 Tier One GB.

So if you pick option #3 pick a back up option in case not everyone picks #3.

My 2011 Break For Reference:
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