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It was winter (long time ago) and i was with a friend in Sea Isle City, NJ.

I owned a 2001 VW Jetta at the time, this will come into play later. There was a massive snow and ice storm that had the streets flooded and icebergs floating all around. I get called in to do snow removal @ 10am. I told them I was stuck on the Island with seemingly no way out and they did not care, I had to go into work.

So, i hop in my car all geared up and start making my way to the bridge. After 3 or 4 blocks, i come to a lake where there used to be a road. I back up, on ice, and turn to go the next street over. The street looked like all other streets, covered in ice. I start driving down the cross street, only to find out that the street had frozen over with 4-5" of ice and 2-3' of seawater underneath that ice. It was too late when I noticed, but the car was on top of the ice already. I immediately sped up and drove as fast as i could and got across to the street i was trying to get to. I got on the asphalt and stopped the car, as soon as i got settled, i noticed another car coming. someone saw that i got to the other street after my troubles with the lake.They also did not notice the ice and of course, they were in a freaking suburban, they made it about 20' or so and that huge 4x4 went down, almost to the door handles.

I immediately went to my buddies house, where i was initially. Called the cops, and got my surfboard and my friend. We went back to the suburban, by then the couple had climbed out the sunroof to the top of the SUV, I told them i called the cops if they wanted to wait them out, or we could try and get them using my surfboard. They did not want to wait it out, so we slipped them the surfboard, pulled them in with the leash and they made it out of that mess.

Brought them all back to the house for some coffee, they offered us money, which we declined.
We still hang out with them from time to time.
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