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Default eBay Lost/Stolen Card in Shipping

I recently purchased a card from a new member on eBay. After a week the individual had not shipped the card or responded to any of my emails. Finally the individual sent an email saying that it was shipped and included a tracking number. So five days go by and I check on the status of the tracking number, it stated that it was delivered the day before. So I contact the post office they don't have it, check with my neighbors and they don't have it, so I open a case with eBay. The seller never comments or responds to the case and I escalate the case for final determination after reaching cutoff for response from the seller. Today I get word that I "LOST" the case because the tracking number shows delivered. I noted this in the case in the first place when I submitted the case to eBay, but the problem is I never received the card. So now I am appealing eBay's findings, but I want to know what happens next. Am I really out $195? I truly don't believe the individual sent the card, but I don't know.

Sellers name is nwsports.girl
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