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Originally Posted by sdoug76 View Post
Print run is what really annoys me. Makes it very difficult to buy/sell/trade even put a value on how your breaks went.

Last thing I want to do is drop money on these cases then have to look at eBay and go, okay two red inks, 3 green, 5 blacks are listed so I GUESS red is SP....then turns out red is not the SP and over pay!
I'm the opposite. That is what I'm looking forward to is all ink variations and having to speculate what sp colors will be. Also alternate image variations. The photos from signings do give some nice clues!
I'd like to see the people paying attention be rewarded. Than just everybody getting all details before. I doubt most people even will care all that much about ink colors. Just hardcore collectors wanting every variation possible of guys. I think that is what will make collecting these cards more of a challange and keep things interesting.
Wonder if Blowout will have a tracker going.
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