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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
I said no true retailer suggest making a profit off shipping. If they want to recoup costs of shipping thats fine. But if you want to give Amazon a call and ask if set their shipping costs as a revenue generation, Im more than confident they will tell you they dont set prices on shipping on the sole purpose of profitting from it.

BTW, if they charge $3.99 for shipping a book, how much does is cost them? Help: Domestic Shipping Rates

They charge $2.99 to ship a book from At $3, Im pretty sure the cost of Canada post postage, plus shipping supplies and their time, they are not making any profit. Infact Im willing to bet they take a loss by the time you add up overhead cost to get that book to me.
But remember, everyone says that their time shouldnt figure into the price, I have seen that over and over on these boards. At 3.00 for shipping nobody on ebay makes a profit either, but so many people on here ding them for that price.
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