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So the line-up is looking....

A01 - Andrew Lincon
A02 - Jon Bernthal
A03 - Jeffrey DeMunn
A04 - Steven Yeun
A05 - Norman Reedus
A06 - Melissa McBride
A07 - Madison Lintz
A08 - Madison Lintz (Walker)
A09 - Lauren Cohan
A10 - Scott Wilson
A11 - IronE Singleton
A12 - Greg Nicotero
A13 - Laurie Holden
A14 - Sarah Wayne Callies

Thanks for being on the ball with the updates.

Originally Posted by The Madbacker View Post
What's the delay? They got Cohan for Vampire Diaries but not for WD? And Lintz only returned the "human" version of the card but not the "zombie" version?
That is what I am thinking. I think the walker version of Lintz may have been a last minute decision possibly? Why a walker version of Lintz and not a walker version of Shane in the signature cards?

Weak that there are only two signature cards of S2 cast members. Possibly a S2 signer fell through.
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