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in lieu of pasting the whole list I just copied the first 2 wrestlers from the list. My point is IF the list is unchanged except for what you have relayed why the delay on posting this as a tweet or post on Leaf's site (especially after promising to post checklist to site.) Product is sold-out. I can understand holding back the SP list, variant list , colors etc but not the basic checklist.

wrt to Hot Boxes the language used in the sell-sheet literature is that all 5 autographs contained in HOT BOX will be of the same parallel level. i.e. all cards contained within will be numbered out xxx.... again IF that has changed and Gray has relayed to you that HOT BOXES will contain 5 autographs of the same wrestler that would change my mind on whether I open or sell boxes. I would prefer 5 different wrestlers to just 1 .
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