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Originally Posted by t2554 View Post
It is strange. In my opinion it gives some strength to the argument that the Sophia walker could have been a late add to make up for an actor that didn't get their cards back to them (someone just made that point in a post earlier). Add to the fact that Crypto is only doing one card per actor this set besides her. And financially speaking, getting Madison Lintz to sign another batch of cards would be far cheaper then getting Bernthal to, I am sure.

I know they want to get as much of the main group as possible to be part of each new set, but I would be willing to sacrifice having another Glenn/T-Dog/(dare I say Reedus?) auto in S3 if it means making room for more new signers.

Dang, already thinking about the S3 set lol.
Yeah I posted that a few posts back, I am willing to put money on it being Emily Kinney (as Beth Greene) who did not return cards or a deal fell through. I understand from a business perspective of cost having Lintz signing another card other than Bernthal but it doesn't seem right. Pushing the release to add Berthnal walker card as A15? Would anyone be upset if it was Chandler Riggs they added?

I would not sacrifice Reedus, he was a huge hit in S1 and may be SP'd again here in S2. I would sacrifice the other two though but I am sure as long as Glenn and Maggie are together their signature cards will be as well. I foresee T-Dogg not making the S3 set though. Michonne, The Governor, and Merle will be added to S3.
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