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Originally Posted by WilsonValdez View Post
Just got home from the 76ers game. Spencer Hawes went OFF He was hitting threes and at one point, he had blocked the Nuggets on 3 straight sequences. Next time he got to the line, everyone started sarcastically chanting “MVP”, which had in me in tears laughing.

Was pretty amazing…especially being that it was Hawes, the Sixers token goofy white guy.

PS- The Sixers are an interesting team…anyone else watch the game on here?
I watched it Normally I don't get to catch the ones that aren't nationally televised or against the Wizards, cause I live in VA and most likely the only 76ers fan around here, but the free NBA league pass is running til Nov. 7th

He really did great, Wright impressed me also. I wish Young wasn't a huge gun though, shot 3-9. I also expected better things from LaVoy Allen, but 3 points, 4 reb. and 1 TO in 17 min .. :/

I do hope to see Maalik Wayns get some more playing time. HUGE steal, going undrafted out of Nova. Super fast PG, looked great in training camp.
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