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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
I check out your auctions all the time especially around a new product release.

On a single card, you charge $4.49 shipping to Canada. I find nothing wrong with that. Infact I dont think your sole purpose of setting your shipping fees are to profit from them. You arent the seller im voicing my opinion against.

My question to you is, 1. Why do you charge that amount for shipping to Canada? Why not more? Im asking this question to understand the logic behind charging excessively to profit from shipping.
right, we agree that there are excessive charges
and I don't think they should be, wasn't directing to you
just those that say all sellers should be at free to maybe $2, I don't buy it

....also, not at you, but no one has mentioned self-insuring costs of shipping...a couple years back ebay did remove the option to add insurance or require it and make buyers pay and said that sellers could self-insure or pay for the costs themselves, that also 'might' should factor in.
I basically try to charge a flat amount above my shipping costs and supplies for handling/etc, so that translate to the $4.49 Canada, since postage for 1oz is $3 plus the extras
I also stopped shipping to canada for 2 1/2 years do to so many 'lost' packages and charge backs thru paypal. I had been asked 100s of times to reconsider from buyers so I did although it is a risk still...anyhow besides the point

take care all....can't see much more to add to this topic
and set your shipping where you feel comfortable as a seller and hopefully those buying are comfortable with it prior to bidding or buying
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