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Originally Posted by MasterOfTheDark View Post
I've seen this happen a couple of times (there are a couple of threads around here about it). Usually the package shows up anywhere from the next day until a couple of weeks after.

Best thing to do is talk to the person who delivers your mail, that's who messed up. That's the person that scanned the package as "delivered", and is responsible for what is going on, so maybe he/she will remember the package and will realize they put it in the wrong box. Or maybe they will remember it and tell you it was delivered to your box, meaning it was stolen.

I'd also talk to your local post office and have them looking for it. Talk to your neighbors as well and see if maybe one of them had it in their box.

And yes, you're out the $195 unless you find the card. DC says "delivered", so neither Ebay nor Paypal will find in your favor. Even insurance wouldn't have done you any good since the post office won't pay out a "not received" claim since they are the ones saying it was delivered.

Good luck finding it.
If this is true then whats to stop every single seller on Ebay from just mailing empty bubble mailers with delivery confirmation? This is why they have buyer protection.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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