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About the Laurie Holden Autograph one will be 1:1.5 cases and the other 1:3 cases making it the rarest auto in the set, I think more than $100 here.

2014 for S3? This means that this set will be even bigger IMO.

Pretty cool card being given away at the SDCC but too bad it is only one that will fetch pretty big cash if it ever hit the market. At least we get to see sneak peak at what they will doing for S3 autographs along with the wardrobe/autograph setup. 5" x 7" huh? Hey Cryptozoic, think BOX TOPPER or ONE PER CASE BOX TOPPER! That dual auto card is bigger than the 4" x 6" Bernthal redemption.

As for the retail packs, meh, just looking to attract new buyers but the product will have been sold out and scarce to begin with once the retail packs have hit and caught anyone's attention. This to me sounds like another ramp up in production with the next season. 7,400 boxes this season or 616.7 cases.

Increase in binders to 1k from 500 not too bad. Good guess on the bus walker as the insert whomever that was.

Oh and how about a thread over 50 pages long with over 1300 posts dedicated to a product not yet released Mr. Toser?
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