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Originally Posted by cking View Post
If this is true then whats to stop every single seller on Ebay from just mailing empty bubble mailers with delivery confirmation? This is why they have buyer protection.
Check the very first post of the thread, he already filed with Ebay and lost because DC said "delivered". The seller didn't even bother to respond to the case since they knew there was zero chance of them losing. It is well known all over the boards that if DC says "delivered" the buyer will lose any Ebay or Paypal case. You've got almost 5,000 posts, I'm surprised this is news to you...

Here's a recent discussion about it:

USPS delivered-not delivered question

Sellers need protection as well, so policies and procedures have to be fair for both sides. Without that protection, there would be zero sellers. Not one. In a case like this, the person with the weakest case is the buyer. The seller has the receipt that they bought the postage, they provided the tracking number, and it shows as "delivered". The post office shows it as "delivered" (my incoming packages don't get that scan until the lady is sitting in front of my box and scans it with a handheld device), which proves they had the item in hand. All the buyer has is their word that they didn't get the item. That's the weakest case of any of the three entities involved, even if the buyer is telling the truth. And if the buyer is telling the truth, then the fault/blame is completely on the post office to rectify the situation, since they are at fault. That's why I suggested the OP talk to his carrier, neighbors, and local office. The local carrier had it in hand and scanned it, hopefully his neighbors like him and are trustworthy, and the local office can make sure it gets looked for (and hopefully found). Other than hoping the package magically shows up on its own, it's all he can do to try to locate the package and not be stuck without the item or the cash.

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