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Originally Posted by Jrb1 View Post
Whats not to understand about stealing from me. This is a 2 way street, not the one and only way the 80% of these replies are.

Why should I have to reiterate myself? I have said the same thing quite a few times.

I am not wrong. Stealing from me is wrong.

I could care less that everyone is ganging up on me cause the fact is they don't like people like me, who say and show how it is. I guess the truth hurts

So I am assuming the next thing will be that I am a bad business person, or a bad trader, or a bad seller, or a bad buyer because I can voice my opinion.

Just because I know what your shipping charges are doesn't mean I have to like them, but I do have to comply with them. If I feel your a making an unnecessary profit on me I will show my disatisfaction by dinging your SHIPPING CHARGES DSR.

To be honest, I don't care what any of you think, It is my freedom to do as I choose in a free enterprise. I am not abusing the system, but because it happened to you it's abuse.

Now, I will not repeat myself again.
I've said some really stupid stuff on BO, but you sir take the cake.
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