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Originally Posted by The Madbacker View Post
There can only be 18 true master sets of series 1.
Only because you hold one redemption, it would be otherwise if it was not in your possession. Do you count every redemption as part of the master set? How about those 1/1 Shane and Rick full badge redemptions? Sounds to me by this logic there is only ONE true master set of series 1 then. Which is not put together yet.

Originally Posted by t2554 View Post
It says odds are 1:1.5 cases to pull ANY Holden S1 auto but 1:3 to pull a specific one (remember there are two versions).

Originally Posted by dd316 View Post
I think it meant one will be 1:1.5 cases, so getting both versions would be 1:3 (with perfect collation, of course).
Read the answer again from Cryptozoic,

These cards are "Rare" because there are two versions, so while the chance of getting a Season 1 card is approximately 1:1.5 cases, if you are looking for one in particular it will be about 1:3 cases, making it the rarest Autograph card in the set.
*<Debunked>*Sounds to me like one card is every 1.5 cases and the other is one every 3 cases (on average). If it were both in 3 cases shouldn't it be 2:3 cases? Also, at the end saying "making it the rarest Autograph card in the set," NOT, "making it the rarest Autograph cardS in the set." Hence why I did math for pulling one that is every 1.5 cases and the other every 3 cases on average.*<Debunked>*

If I am wrong then 410-412 of each auto is very low, although I am pretty sure we had figured Reedus was SP'd even more so than that, but my logic on Reedus is kind of iffy since Cryptozoic states that at 1:1.5 cases for Holden is the rarest of the set.
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