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Originally Posted by noragar View Post
Yes, 2:3 cases = 1:1.5 cases.

What they're saying is that the odds of pulling a Season 1 card (that is, any Season 1 card) is 1:1.5 cases.

The odds of pulling a specific Season 1 card is 1:3 cases. (that is, the odds of pulling card#A3 is 1:3 cases and the odds of pulling card #A4 is 1:3 cases.)
Alright, well exclude my logic in the first paragraph and move on to the next one, ha.

If I am wrong then 410-412 of each auto is very low, although I am pretty sure we had figured Reedus was SP'd even more so than that, but my logic on Reedus is kind of iffy since Cryptozoic states that at 1:1.5 cases for Holden is the rarest of the set.
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