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Originally Posted by Ray27Ray52 View Post
Start with Ten,their first album. Easily one of the best albums of the 90's.

Vs.,their 2nd album is fantastic as well. Whatever you do stop at Vitalogy. The band went totally downhill after that.
Ten is a brilliant album.
Dont think I really liked any other full album just various songs.
So, JosieDively, you might want to get rearviewmirror.
2 disc greatest hits thru 2003.

Originally Posted by Ray27Ray52 View Post
They tried to evolve with No code. I didn't like the revamping of their style. I guess they were trying to move forward with the changing landscape of music but I kind of considered it a sell out.
You reminded me .... Kurt Cobain immediately bashed Pearl Jam when they first came out.
Point being... I dont consider anyone a "sellout" unless the music is "contrived".
(ie most pop music is contrived)
If its from the heart and simply happens to go huge ... it is what it is.

Sorry I simply happened to quote you twice Ray.
In no way am i trying to argue or pick on you personally..
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