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Default 2012 Just Minors Mystery Balls Case Break --HIT DRAFT--

The time might move back a little if UPS is running late.

I have been wanting to do one of these breaks for some time now, so here it goes.

We will be breaking 1 case (10 Boxes, 1 ball per box) and doing a "hit" draft of the balls once we are finished. Each box also has a "set" of cards, but I honestly dont know how big/small the set is, or who is in the set. So, I am assuming that I can fit everything into a USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope. If I cant, I will neeed a bit more shipping costs if you want the set shipped to you.

Configuration: 10 boxes per case. 1 autographed ball + 1 card set per box.

Each Box Contains:
- 1 Autographed Baseball
- 1 Card Set

Each box will contain the following:
- (1) Autographed Baseball (Rawlings Official Major League Baseball unless otherwise noted): Highlighted players include some of todays biggest stars: Ichiro, Ryan Braun, Felix Hernandez, Josh Hamilton, Buster Posey, Jason Heyward (JMI Exclusive!), Miguel Cabrera, David Price, Joe Mauer, Evan Longoria, Billy Butler, Tommy Hanson, Aramis Ramirez, Andre Ethier, Nick Markakis, Craig Kimbrel Jay Bruce, Starlin Castro, Elvis Andrus, Carlos Gonzalez, Freddie Freeman, Matt Moore and others!!!
- (1) Card Set

Each master case will contain the following:
(1) Black Autographed Baseball: These special Rawlings black baseballs are autographed in gold and are beautiful to display. They are randomly inserted into boxes at a rate of 1 per 10 boxes (1 guaranteed in each master carton).

- Look for randomly inserted inscriptions!!!
- Only 150 Cases
- All 2012 Mystery Brand products will be licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Association and will carry an MLBPA label.



1 Case of 2012 Just Minors Mystery Balls $375/10 = $37.50
Shipping and supplies (FRE and some bubble wrap) = $6
Paypal Fees: 43.50 * .029 + .30 = $1.56
Total Cost: 45.06

Cost Per Spot: $45

You will have 48 hours to pay once you have been contacted about payment details.

Since this will be a short draft (only 10 spots) I will give 2 hours to make your pick. If you fail to make your pick within that time you will be auto-picked according to a pre-ranked order that will be determined after the break. The order will be from highest value to lowest according to eBay.

Balls Pulled:

Miguel Cabrera
Matt Moore
Phil Neikro (HOF 97)
Jason Heyward
Junichi Tazawa
Cheslor Cuthbert 2/50
Jed Lowrie
Billy Butler
Kyle Drabek
Fernando Martinez


1. 7. imnotded - Miguel Cabrera
2. 6. jlcherry2477 - Matt Moore
3. 2. SethMurphy - Jason Heyward
4. 10. TxRangersfan - Phil Neikro (HOF 97)
5. 3. houdini - Cheslor Cuthbert 2/50
6. 4. TxRangersfan - Billy Butler
7. 8. SethMurphy - Kyle Drabek
8. 9. jhmini - Junichi Tazawa
9. 1. boardermartin - Fernando Martinez
10. 5. justAbitOUTSIDE - Jed Lowrie

• Please make you payments promptly so we can get the case ordered. I am on the west coast and it takes a week to get here. The sooner you pay, the sooner we pull some monster cards
• Breaks will be done rather late for those of you on the east coast. However the breaks will be recorded so you can watch later if you choose.
• I will do my best to get scans of all the hits posted the same night as the break.
• I, the host, reserve the right to participate in the break
• The break will take place live on and will be recorded if you cannot not make the break time.
• If you hit a card worth $250 or more you will be required to pay additional shipping costs for insurance and/or certified mail.
• Buying/selling/trading of spots in the break can only be made to other members in this break.
• Due to the large number of spots in this break it may take me a few days to get all the cards out in the mail.
• Please Subscribe to this thread.
• Anyone outside the USA will be required to pay upgraded shipping costs (yes you Canadians!).

Spots Left: FULL

1. boardermartin (1) PAID
2. SethMurphy (2) PAID
3. houdini (1) PAID
4. TxRangersfan (2) PAID
5. justAbitOUTSIDE (1) PAID
6. jlcherry2477 (1) PAID
7. imnotded (1) PAID
8. SethMurphy PAID
9. jhmini (1) PAID
10. TxRangersfan PAID
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