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Originally Posted by matpat21 View Post
I did 2 out of the 3 of these for the Halloween promo and had been feverishly checking for the 4th to be listed to join which of course never happened. This one looks pretty rough though with the increased pricing, slots and low end boxes. I was talking about this with a few guys today and we all felt that if the $2,000 gift card was split into 4 $500 gift cards thus increasing the odds of hitting a nice prize, it would make this a little more appealing in our eyes. I am going back and forth on joining this but what do you guys think about this recommendation? I am sure it would not affect this particular cornucopia but possibly a future one???

I think I'd prefer it that way, say you turned the 2000 prize into 4 550 prizes and replaced 3 $50 boxes or something. I think these promotions would do better with a similar average return but a smaller standard deviation to the return, so you dont need to go so top heavy and leave a bunch people with real cheap boxes

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