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Originally Posted by messier2 View Post
I remember starting a thread on this but since this is the latest one, I'll put my theory here:

People buy them (especially high end ones like Harper autos), then partially scratch off the already visible code and send it to topps saying that they scratched "too hard" and could not redeem the code online since they can't identify the characters. Then boom...Harper auto for cheap!

Anyone else think that this could be what people are doing with them?
If anyone tried this I am 100% confident Topps would never honor the redemption. I am sure they would easily figure this "trick" out.

I have 2 theories on people buying "redeemed" codes:
1) Someone wants the redemption to go with the card they already have as a set.
2) The buyer has the intelligence of an ice cube, in other words they are simply stupid.
I mainly collect rookie cards from 1989 and prior.
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