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Originally Posted by MasterOfTheDark View Post
So you would knowingly break the law by committing mail fraud?

I get it that people want to hang sellers out to dry, even on what is clearly a postal mistake (not the seller's fault), but it does speak volumes about those people's character.
If I bought a card and someone sent me an empty bubble mailer and ripped me off then yes I would do it right back to them. How am I trying to hang sellers out to dry? I am not referring to a postal problem. I am talking about me purchasing an item on Ebay and the seller knowingly ripping me off by sending me an empty bubble mailer with a dc#. YOU ARE SAYING EBAY WILL NOT GIVE ME A REFUND. SO TOMORROW IF A THOUSAND SELLERS DO THIS TO BUYERS EBAY WILL DO NOTHING ABOUT IT?
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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