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Originally Posted by 37Jetson View Post
The hobby is in large part dying, but that is not the fault of Ebay.

Over the years Ebay has been great for the hobby. For the collector is has made Supercollecting possible with access to countless versions of every player. For the seller it provides opportunities to sell their cards for the best possible price to a mass audience. It has truly defined the value of cards whether we like it or not.
I disagree with this statement. As someone else has stated, you have to flip to make money back for the insane prices that boxes are at this point. When cards are flipped and buzz for the product increases, so does the price of a box. Its a neverending cycle and this is what has made the hobby a business and it has lost its essence. There are few young people in the hobby, too many old guys trying to make a buck, thats whats killing this hobby and thats Ebay's fault.
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