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Originally Posted by saraceno21 View Post
There are player collectors out there who want every card of a player and a redemption card of a player, although not a "traditional" card, is still a card of a player they may collect, redeemed or not. Some redemption cards are extremely rare.
Sold a used redemption of a UFC auto for $28 a couple of years ago.
I was shocked that there was a minor bidding war at the end.
Before I sent the invoice to the buyer, I sent a message asking if they understood what they were getting (I put redeemed in the title and multiple times in the description).
They understood and it was a legit and valid bid.

I definitely dont try and scam people the odd time I do sell a used redemption.
I mention it has been redeemed multiple times throughout the listing.
But if I can recoup even $5 or $10 towards a card, and at the same time fill someone elses collecting goals, I dont see an issue.
Incoming: nothing
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