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Originally Posted by foreverLFC View Post
i really think the willingness to sell regardless of price is whats ruining the hobby. ebay is just a platform to sell but when i can buy a /10 or /25 card for $4 delivered. There is a problem. Everyone is in such a hurry to recoup that they let go of cards for much too cheap.

i understand that some players arent as hot as others so they dont have as much demand but if i have a card that is /10 there should be a minimum that i sell that for based on that fact and not because 3 other people were willing to sell it for .99 cents.
All it takes are some sellers who are willing to sit on a card and wait for the right price. Collectors will pay if they want the card, espeically if 3 of the other /10s are gone. Either flippers bought them so the price will go up or collectors did and they're out of circulation.

I think part of the "problem" is that a lot of buyers are just flippers so there's endless churn as they sell buy the same cards over again amongst themselves.
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