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"Does Ebay help our hobby?" - is not a yes or no question the better question would be does it help or hurt it more -

Personally I found collecting as a kid when there wasn't Ebay to be more enjoyable. I got back into the hobby as an adult and found it quickly to be no fun at all.

Having a bigger collection due to Ebay does not sound appealing to me. Bigger is not better in my opinion and a lot of enjoyment and awe is lost knowing that whoever has the most money or happens to have more money can have the best (subjective) collection due to easy access to anything and everything there that point to me it just makes more sense to collect money over baseball cards. But you could then say well, the rich guys lost out because I found a deal or won an auction woo-hoo! But that's not the fun to me, that's deal finding and auctions as a Of course deal finding in a card shop was always fun, but not the driving force behind my collection. For those who say card shops would rip people off, well, that's what Beckett USED to be for, a nice collectors tool.

The mystique and magic in card collecting to me was not just straight up mass hoarding, the cool factor was what you were able to find and the collection you were able to build from that - with Ebay the treasure hunt is streamlined and dull, addictive, but overall dull and any sense of accomplishment one has from finding pieces of something on Ebay and buying them all up isn't so Willy Wonka and the golden ticket, mostly just whoopie doo, and you could have bought something better, because there will always be something better that pops up that you will want/need as opposed to wow I discovered a treasure! (at least to a lesser extent) - merely opinion I did not say you cannot enjoy the hobby as it is or that the hobby stinks overall, nor did I say I'd ultimately say Ebay hurts the hobby at large more than it helps

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