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Originally Posted by bazinga View Post

thinks all 2 color + are fake,,,,
No I do not, how can you say that. Even if its real I would stay away from it tho. Here is why.

1.) It is known now that Topps, UD and Panini purchase and used fake game worn jerseys in their cards. So even if its untampered with it still can be fake. We may or may never know how many or which ones are fake but we know they there are many untampered fake jerseys card outs there.

2.) Over-saturation: The card companies are created more and more products each year. Which means more and more jersey cards. Players are now wearing 50 jerseys at once with extra patches on them so the companies can create more and more and more patch cards. This trend will not stop but get worse. They are even making manufactured logo, shield and other patch cards. More products are coming out this year than any other. This will eventually drop the prices on most of the patch cards.

3.) Scammers: Since the card companies and hobby are doing very little to protect buyers from scammers, the scamming is getting worse. There are alot of fake logo and shield cards out there that are nearly impossible to detect. You can not compete with a fake logo patch card price. This will also drop the value of the cards. One forgery ring that was busted made over 100 million dollars in sales. Supposedly it is worse now.

4.) More and more collectors are finding out about these scams and are leaving the hobby. Less demand and more supply means values will drop. I just meet a guy on ebay that was selling a fake patch card. I even provided him the proof it was fake. He was upset but wanted me to look at his other cards. Almost his entire collection consisted of patch cards. Some were real, some were for sure fakes and others were very suspicious. He even had some GAI autos. I gave him some links to some articles that talked about the scams in more detail and some other links. After he read them he told me he wanted to get out the hobby because he did not know if his cards were real anymore. He thinks he blow a bunch of money away.
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