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Originally Posted by centereacan06 View Post
It would be darn near impossible for collectors to complete a colleciton if there were no eBay.
well, I've got a collection and I dont have an ebay account so I guess you are wrong.

I think one thing that ebay has done is enable people to buy and break cases by giving them an audience that most people simply would not reach. It's good and its bad. The problem comes in when someone buys cases and then panics and sells too low driving down the price for future sales.

Of course, I also think that cards are still overproduced and it is driven by the chase for the 'holy grail' of whatever set. Guys will rip and rip and rip selling the hits while leaving the base cards to rot. The way some of you talk, Topps might as well issue full boxes with a set number of hits and leave out the base. Its like you break a box and might as well only have the color and autos...Topps Chrome could consist of 4 packs to a box, 4 cards to a pack, all color and no base...would save on resources by using less paper, ink, lower shipping cost, etc.
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