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Thanks for the info guys. I am convinced it is real, but it seems the seller and I have come to an impasse. We are close, but my budget is tight nowadays.

As for the comments from jackg, I appreciate your opionion and do understand that the companies may be using unauthentic jerseys, but all I care about is how the card comes out of the pack. Because of the saturation of event worn, game used, non game used, whatever memorabilia pieces they put in the card I really don't care about where it comes from as it really doesn't give me a "connection to the player" which was the original intention of game used cards. I just want to make sure the card is UNALTERED FROM ITS ORIGINAL STATE. As long as I can guarentee that than the uniqueness and visual appeal of the patches is what attracts me to certain cards.

Again, thank you all for the input!
I like this tapenade...

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