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Default Nauticamc2's Monthly Group Break - Holiday Edition

Welcome to month #4 - the Holiday Edition!

For this break we will collect payments for November ($40) and roll them over to December ($40). Once both months are paid we will order the following:

1 box of Exquisite or NT (based on availability)
1 box of Five Star
1 box of Gold Standard

Total of 16 hits and 3 insert slots (one insert slot per box) The bottom 6 members in the draft will be randomized after the break and one winner will receive the remaining balance of our budget via Paypal (estimate between $25-40)

November payment of $40 due November 18th and December payment of $40 due December 9th. The break will be December 14th at 9PM EST.

Here is the break down of the group;

* 16 members
* There will be three break options to vote on each month...with a mix of team and hit drafts
* $40 payment must be paid by the 2nd Sunday of each month (see price break down below)
* Members names will be randomed each month my a mod for both team draft and hit drafts. Lists will be randomized three times.
* If a team draft is selected for the month, the draft will begin once the members are randomized.
* The break will happen on the 3rd Friday of each month at 9PM EST on UStream...I will post the link ahead of time.
* Any trades must be completed between members in the group and must be
posted in the forum no later than 2 hours before the break. I will pm both
members to confirm the trade.
* Subscribe to this thread so you don't miss voting or drafting opportunities!
* All cards will be shipped by the following Monday or sooner with DC, if you would like insurance on your card(s) pm me after the break

Who gets what card?

* If a card is of a player in college uniform or of a retired player, the player goes to the team who drafted him
* If the card is not of a NFL player or the player was not drafted, then the card will be randomed by a mod to the group
* Cards with multiple players will go to the member who has 51% or more of the teams on the card, if no one has 51% or more of the teams then the card will be randomed by a mod between the members who have a player on the card.

Price break down

* $40 a month total
* $1.46 pay pal fees (2.9% +.30)
* $2.80 USPS first class
* $1.74 supplies (top loaders, team bags, bubble mailers, printer ink, etc)

So that leaves $544.00 a month for boxes ($34*16=$544, $6.00*16=$96


* If a card wins the best pull of the month the box will be broken between the
* If a member fails to pay by the deadline, a current member will be offered that spot first, then a back up will take his spot in the group, the member will have the option to be placed at the bottom of the backup list
* All base cards will be donated to my LCS, unless someone wants them all.
* If you hit a card valued at $250, I will ask you pay for upgraded shipping costs...priority mail, insurance, signature confirmation (around $8)
* If you would like the base slot shipped you will need to pay an additional $6 for shipping

If you have questions or suggestions please let me know thanks.

Most of all I want this to be fun...if you can't have fun and participate then please don't join.

Members List -
Nauticamc2 - IN
Pdo138 - confirmed
TxMike - IN
Antrodemus - IN
1charrington - IN
popmaz - confirmed
cdfktw - confirmed
mr_yoshi_san - confirmed
bucklion - confirmed
jfoster - confirmed
CharlotteHokie - IN
Photobucket -

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