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Default SICK mailday that is all FS/FT Im gld the LCS takes food stamps

So I picked some stuff up the last few weeks. Im broke and am going through some tough times right now in 2 areas of my life. All of thi stuff i available. PM me if interested. The Peyton Manning is sick in hand and I hit it in a GB on another site. 2 boxes in a buddy of mine aked if I wanted the Broncos and I said yes and gave him the Packers for them. about 7 packs later the Manning showed up. I have wanted one so bad too ad now I have one. My scanner took a crap so I had to use my phone and If anybody can fix the pictures and make them look nice in my bucket I will make it worth ur time. I just suck with a computer unless it is on here or asian midget porn. Anyways, thanks for the look and sorry for the upside down pics and stuff

David Wilson FF auto RC

Justin Blackmon /75 auto RC

Brock Osweiler /80

Doug Martin on-card auto RC /150

Mikel Leshoure 3 color patch auto RC /50

Jordy Nelson SPA 2 clr RC /999

Jordy Nelson Chrome auto RC BGS 9.5 (Pop. 2 I think?)

Thurman Thomas auto patch /25

Trent Richardson /150 on-card auto RC

Brett Favre auto jersey /100

Now my favorite and I like to call him PFM for Peyton F---en Manning
#d 2/15 and my first of hopefully lots of Broncos uniform PFM autos

Almost forgot this. It is the Mirror Black Jared Crick 1/1 auto RC

I will sell anything in my bucket right now. I need funds bad. Id like to sell a lot for $150-$200 so if anyone wants one I will hook you up nicely. Ill also trade

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