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Originally Posted by Haiku View Post
I'm a cutler fan and a bears fan.I think the Bears have a great chance to make it to SB if they can the home field advantage.ATL will slide few games [Watch out for the cowboys this weekend], SF is great everywhere except the most important position so that's a bit shaky and traveling to Seattle will be tough.Bears will beat the packs at home in Dec.
Eli and the G man are always tough.
But I like the Bears chances to make it to the SB this year,Defense is great and if Cutler has time to throw he has to be mentioned as one of the top QBs
Maybe you got your bottles mixed up and you didn't get your midol. At any rate let me know what was in that bottle Pack win @ Chi
We have numbered to 99, numbered to 99. MR. Brandon Cooks, Brandon Cooks...... Brandon Cooks numbered to 99, Brandon Cooks numbered to 99. Sorry had to answer an email right quick.
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