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Originally Posted by FreeFlow View Post
Wrong section and it's really easy to fix all of the pictures that are upside down or sideways on photobucket..... It literally takes 10 seconds per picture to fix. Just click edit underneath the picture on photobucket. Or in windows image viewer after you scan, click the rotate button before you save it?

Sorry about your situation though.... Still not an excuse to be lazy with pictures, not list prices and list in wrong section for more views though. You have 260 sales and 5000 posts, this isn't your first rodeo....

Really??? Guys going through a hard time, and youre giving him one over upside down pictures? If it bugs you that much, maybe stand on your head and look!
Sorry to jump in OP, but to attack someone going through a rough stretch of REAL LIFE over upside down pieces of cardboard is pretty sad.
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