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Originally Posted by iBLeeDBaTTLeReD View Post
Haven't thought this all the way thru still trying to wake up so it my numbers may be off,lol.

Not sure if Jiggidy or anyone else would be open to it but what if the break is opened up to 20 members. That would get us to $500 @ $25 ea. after each member drafts 1 team, the remaining 12 teams will be auctioned off @ min bid of $5 and that would get us to at least $560 if each auctioned team is won at min. bid.
we've never really had members knocking at the door for the break. 20 might be a tough number to attain.
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Don't ask me how much I want to offer. Come with a price in mind. If I don't want it or think it's worth that, I will let you know.
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