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Originally Posted by Brobocop View Post
Don't know why you are sighing, you kind of started this. You called a respected and great store owner a crook without providing any support. I gave you a chance to private message me with your reason and you chose not to. Here is what Rich, the store owner has done for me in just over a year's time:

-Offered me to trade some of my old cards for Beckett prices to him for wax
-Offered to sell any unwanted cards on eBay for me to then use the proceeds in his store as store credit (I have neither the time or patience to list tons of cards so to me this is a God send of a deal)
-Extended me credit to open new hot products (This is how I was able to open my first National Treasures Basketball box and The Cup Hockey box)
-Gotten me special orders such as Marvel's The Avengers, Big Bang Theory, and Game of Thrones, products he would have not otherwise carried
-And lastly had a nice Christmas party in his store where he offered more food than you could ever want and gave away tons of free prizes like a Cam Newton autographed helmet and various wax boxes

So this is why when you say he is a crook it bothers me. Rich has done right by me and countless other customers of his. I know this because every time I stop in there is always someone there busting wax cases at a time. In this area, he is one of the few stand up card stores that I've been in. Hence why I make the hour drive a few times every month.
I see your LCS is selling Leaf Wrestling hot boxes on Ebay. If he is so great why not let customers have them randomly at regular price??? Im sure he was digging through the cases to get them all.
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