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Originally Posted by FreeFlow View Post
Blow me and choke on a richard.... real mature.

Captain Chokeonit. Really? Grow up.

I ATTACKED HIM? Grow a pair, I think telling me to suck a **** was worst then my whole post. Check my bold words , I typed MY OPINION in an OPEN FORUM about selling in the wrong section with no prices, I thought I was being nice about the pictures and even told him how to do it.

If it makes you feel better to defend your thread with obscenity's towards me, so be it, Not gonna put someone down even more then they say they already are so I deleted the rest of my post. It was really harsh, Would have made you lay down in your bed in the fetal position and cry yourself to sleep the way your acting.

But you did buy the Nelson 9.5 in SEPTEMBER for $32.99 ..... That's an November mailday? The seller walk it to your house himself?

BGS 9 5 10 2008 Topps Chrome Jordy Nelson TC207 Auto Rookie RC | eBay
No, I just forgot to scan it like I do most of my graded cards. I am sorry it didnt please you. I only do this to please you. Im glad your life is important enough to where you have time to be the forum police. Good for you, we appreciate your service
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