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Criticisms aside regarding the art, I doubt that you are going to get a high-end autograph set made especially for wrestling collectors for quite awhile.

Personally, some of the art is off-putting. However, I think a majority of it is strong and I don't see how anyone can look at the some of these cards (especially Kamala variant, Rick Steiner, Scott Hall base, Flair variant and Hogan variant) and say these cards are sh!t on the whole. To each their own though--that bodes well for me, as its less people going after them.

Geoffy--While I don't think this set is on the same level (historically anyway) as Topps WCW, I know for a guy like me that doesn't need or want to spend hundreds of dollars on some of those cards (i.e. Hogan, Hall, Nash, Duggan, etc.), its a pretty good alternative. Kinda like all the TNA Sting autos have had little affect on the desirability of Sting's WCW auto (or Hogan for that matter), I don't think you are going to see a huge affect on the values of those cards--people are still going to want those for obvious reasons (although I may fail to see the logic of paying $100 for a Duggan WCW auto now!). Nevertheless, Topps WCW will always be the "1952 Topps" of wrestling autograph issues.
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