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My personal opinion is I don't really want to do the 16 members and everyone gets 2 teams. To me that would make us like all the other group breaks out there. I think the auction helps set our group apart a little bit from the other groups.

If people want to change the auction rules for members with 1 claimed team I would be in favor of limiting those members to only 1 auction team rather than 3. I think that would be a better solution rather than raising the min bid.

Originally Posted by iBLeeDBaTTLeReD View Post
Haven't thought this all the way thru still trying to wake up so it my numbers may be off,lol.

Not sure if Jiggidy or anyone else would be open to it but what if the break is opened up to 20 members. That would get us to $500 @ $25 ea. after each member drafts 1 team, the remaining 12 teams will be auctioned off @ min bid of $5 and that would get us to at least $560 if each auctioned team is won at min. bid.
Your numbers are correct but you didn't factor in shipping costs, supply costs, and paypal fees. So the total would be significantly lower than $560 shipping packages to 20 people. Our current set up usually nets us around $560 - $570 after all fees and costs.
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