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Talking RL's WICKED Cheap 5-Case Five Star Baseball Team Break!

Breaking LIVE at 8:30 PM EST - TONIGHT!!!

**Thanksgiving Bonus**

As a small token of my appreciation for joining this break, and many others in the past, I have decided to pay the shipping difference to have the cases overnighted!!

Break will be tomorrow night, 7pm EST!

Please send payments to, and put Your BO Usernane & 5 Star in the title and description of the payment! Do NOT put group or break anywhere!

Please remember, when signing up, you agreed to pay within 24 hours, so lets get those payments in!

OP has been updated with payment totals. Backups will be taken at 9:30am tomorrow.

Go Big, or Go Home!!

5 Cases of 2012 Topps Five Star Baseball

Case $1320 / 29 Slots = $45.52
Shipping & Supplies - $4
PayPal Fees ($49.52 + .30) / .971 = $51.31

Call it $52 1st slot, $50 after!

Remember, the likelihood of not hitting a card with only one slot is high - there are only 15 cards per 3 box case!

Ok guys, this is a team random break, with a different team per case!

This will be a team random per case, each seperate case determined via random by a Mod.

'Wicked' Break Rules:

1. If you hit a card worth $250 or more, I will ask you to pay for upgraded shipping - priority mail, signature confirmation, and insurance.

2. We will need the deposit paid right away so that we can send it in to BO.

3. If you join this break, you must be willing to pay within 24 hours of the break going active. We want to order right away!

4. If you join this break, you must subscribe to this thread. It makes life SO MUCH EASIER.

5. Once you receive your cards, please post in the thread that your cards were received.

6. If you are from OUTSIDE the United States, please message me prior to posting below to join the break. I am not trying to exclude you in any way, but I need to discuss shipping options with you.

7. If a pull wins this monthly "best pulls" contest on BO, the prize will be a new break with all hits (or teams) randomed amongst all participants.

A final few things you should know:

1. I will start the break the same day the cases arrive, with the cases being broken LIVE on UStream (Username same as my BO name, nhsportsguy.), and recap videos on YouTube (RLsportscards - YouTube)

2. I will have recap videos up that same night for anyone who cannot make it, and scans up the next day.

3. I will mail your cards out ASAP. (Since this is 5 cases, sort, package, and shipping times will be at least 2-3 days.)

4. Selling or trading slots is only allowed to members already in the break!

5. I will have a spot/spots in this break. If that bothers you in any way, please don't join. Break is Live and recorded on Ustream, with recaps posted on YouTube.

**I will be immediately sending full payment to Blowout once all payments are made; I will not be holding money**

MLB Teams according to Blowout Cards:
1. Arizona Diamondbacks
2. Atlanta Braves
3. Baltimore Orioles
4. Boston Red Sox
5. Chicago Cubs
6. Chicago White Sox
7. Cincinnati Reds
8. Cleveland Indians
9. Colorado Rockies
10. Detroit Tigers
11. Florida Marlins
12. Houston Astros - NOT INCLUDED
13. Kansas City Royals
14. Los Angeles Angels
15. Los Angeles Dodgers
16. Milwaukee Brewers
17. Minnesota Twins
18. New York Mets
19. New York Yankees
20. Oakland Athletics
21. Philadelphia Phillies
22. Pittsburgh Pirates
23. San Diego Padres
24. San Francisco Giants
25. Seattle Mariners
26. St. Louis Cardinals
27. Tampa Bay Rays
28. Texas Rangers
29. Toronto Blue Jays
30. Washington Nationals



Case 1
1. troybuilts (6)
2. jhmini
3. rangerfans2 (3)
4. mrlaker (2)
5. chittychitty844 (Backup 1)
6. jrubbo23 (2)
7. num1jrfan (3)
8. troybuilts
9. jhmini (3)
10. DizzyDSki (3)
11. jhmini
12. nhsportsguy (Backup 1)
13. num1jrfan
14. DizzyDSki
15. zoop (1)
16. Matt Ryan (1)
17. mrlaker
18. troybuilts
19. rangerfans2
20. DizzyDSki
21. troybuilts
22. fucgoof (Backup 1)
23. prospectmaster (1)
24. num1jrfan
25. troybuilts
26. num1jrfan (Backup 1)
27. jrubbo23
28. rangerfans2
29. troybuilts

MilwaukeeBrewers jhmini
Colorado Rockies DizzyDSki
St. Louis Cardinals num1jrfan (3)
Florida Marlins jhmini (3)
Philadelphia Phillies troybuilts
San Diego Padres troybuilts (6)
Los Angeles Dodgers troybuilts
Seattle Mariners num1jrfan
Baltimore Orioles nhsportsguy (Backup 1)
Washington Nationals troybuilts
Oakland Athletics DizzyDSki
Pittsburgh Pirates mrlaker (2)
Minnesota Twins num1jrfan
Los Angeles Angels rangerfans2 (3)
Arizona Diamondbacks jrubbo23
New York Yankees prospectmaster (1)
KansasCity Royals mrlaker
Atlanta Braves rangerfans2
Detroit Tigers troybuilts
Cleveland Indians Matt Ryan (1)
New York Mets chittychitty844 (Backup 1)
San Francisco Giants num1jrfan (Backup 1)
Chicago White Sox zoop (1)
Tampa Bay Rays fucgoof (Backup 1)
Toronto Blue Jays jhmini
Texas Rangers jrubbo23 (2)
Cincinnati Reds rangerfans2
Chicago Cubs troybuilts
Boston Red Sox DizzyDSki (3)
PM me for a special discount and free shipping code for BO members!

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