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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
basketball actually does spike after hot games/players......

check this out... damian lillard, new rookie for portland trailblazers, and his leaf rookie /75 is selling for $185, auto's /10 selling for around $350.....

basketball actually spikes higher than football...... I flipped several doug martin cards..... I had way nicer doug martin cards that didn't sell for half of what lillard cards are selling for.

I collect both

Damian Lillard 2012 Leaf Signature Series Droppin Dimes Auto RC 74 75 Mint | eBay

2012 Leaf Signature Series Damian Lillard Droppin Dimes on Card RC Auto 75 RARE | eBay

2012 Leaf Signature Series#@damian Lillard Auto 2 10 | eBay
Thank you for adding sense to this thread.

Some people just like to talk about things they know nothing about.
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