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Originally Posted by ntgm37 View Post
Yeah, the wifey and I were blown away that T-Dog and Lori died in the same episode. I told her that at least there is a series on television that has the balls to whack people with big parts (in other words, Greys Anatomy does not). Digging tonights episode. Is it me, or does anyone else wish Michonne would just kill Andrea and the Gov? Full disclosure, i was wishing Dale would have manned up and let Andrea die in the CDC.
I'm with daughter and I cannot stand Andrea. Tonight's episode was great, but a tradeoff. We couldn't stand Lori either but loved T-Dogg. Anyone else think the Carl/Lori situation might mirror the Morgan/Duane situation in the comics?

On a side note, where is Andrea getting her Clairol??? Around a year now and no roots showing?? Nature doesn't make that shade of blonde...Just sayin'...
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