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Default 2011 Topps Chrome Drew Brees Superfractor

2011 Drew Brees Topps Chrome Superfractor BGS 9 5 Gem Mint Serial 1 1 Saints | eBay

Several months ago, I won this card in an auction on eBay by this same seller. I won the card for $200 and some change. He informed me at the time that he forgot to take the card off eBay and that the the card was no longer available because of an off 'bay deal. While searching eBay this weekend I find the card and it's being offered by the same seller, but now it a BIN.

I did post a thread here and most people agreed that the seller was lying about the card not being available any longer. Here you go.

Of course now, the seller has blocked me and I can't send him any messages about his unethical and dishonest business behavior.

Anybody want to help?
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