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Default Time to call out dubose06 on a $1,900 deal gone bad

A few months ago I did a deal with dubose06 on a 360 or so card lot of GU jerseys/autos. On Oct 17th, I got a PM from him in the early morning saying he has 94 mid-end cards he is looking to get rid of because he no longer has time to devote to the hobby, and is in the need of some money. He also says if we can come to an agreement on all 94 cards, he would throw in a few thousand insert/rookies as well as 200 low end GU/Autos and close to 100 magnetic one touch holders.

Here is the exact PM he sent me:

Originally Posted by dubose06
Hey bro i have some more stuff im looking too move. I
dont have the time anymore to be fully active in the hobby due to work. So take a look at the link and lmk if you want everything or make your own lot. If you buy everything i will also include like 200ish junk autos/gu and a few thousand inserts. Thanks!!!!!!!!

Pictures by dubosed - Photobucket

After doing some research, we come to the agreement price of $1,900 for everything listed. I send him the money on October 17th.

October 21st comes and he sends me the following PM after I asked if they were shipped yet:

No sir I'm packing them up right now. 1st day off of work in 2 weeks. I also found some Pete Maravich cover mags that Imma throw in also. Forgot I had them. Ill send you dc tomorrow!!

He has not been on since the 21st. Tried PMing him here as well as through his paypal addy. He did upload a DC# to Paypal – which hasn’t even been dropped off at the PO yet. But I’m not sure how 94 mid end cards, 100 magnetics, and a few thousand inserts would even fit into a large flat rate box…..but here is the DC# in paypal.


So long story short – it looks like the guy took me for a free $1,900 loan for a month. A case is open with paypal, and I’m hoping to get refunded my money the next week or so. Just wanted to create this so you can beware of the situation. Once refunded I’ll be leaving feedback for him as well.
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