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Originally Posted by duwal View Post
yeah people sure are being unfairly harsh on him. He has a better completion percentage than 23 other QBs in the league and has thrown more TD passes than INTs yet somehow some try and make the case that he is the worst in the league. Guess must be missing something why he isn't lighting the league up with throwing to Michael Jenkins, Kyle Rudolph and Devin Aromashodu as his secondary receivers
You obviously don't watch the Vikings every week. This last performance was the worst I've ever seen from a QB. He's not even trying to make good throws. He throws it 5 yards and it's not even close to the receiver, takes a sack, or runs for 1 yard. Any pressure in his face at all and he is falling to the ground before being touched.
His completion percentage, while high is not right because he doesn't throw deep. Ponder's play by play on ESPN should be; Ponder throws short for 1 yard, Ponder throws medium for 3 yards, and Ponder throws deep for 5 yards. And now, he can't even complete his "deep" 5 yard throws.
He had good blocking, receivers were getting open and Musgrave actually did a better job calling plays than usual. Ponder's fails lost the game yesterday and while Musgrave and Frazier were stupid enough to continue calling pass plays and leaving him in the game, the blame lands on Ponder.
I've seen Ponder for 18 games now and I have never been very convinced, but now I am convinced that he sucks.
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