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***************************Spoiler Alert****************************

I'm not as creative as Indy, but I wanted to talk about a couple of things from the episode.

Lori - it seems like she's dead although there are rumors (rather people that are hoping) she is alive. I for one am glad she is dead. Don't get me wrong, great piece of acting but she was just a constant nag. I find it interesting how it is another change from the comics.

Governor - When Andrea asked him for his name, did he respond Phillip? Is that the same from the comics? I know there is a point where he lies (in the comics) but I just wanted to make sure I heard him correctly in the last episode.

What is everyones thoughts on Merle and the Governor? Governor really doesn't seem to want him to leave, and I know the story is off from the comics so it seems like Merle's search for Daryl will lead the Governor to the group, but do you think Merle is going to be eliminated in the process? Seems like Merle and Daryl together would be a threat to any leader.
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