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SPOILERS (highlight to read)

Lori should be dead. I've heard from others that Kirkman has said as much in an interview and that they couldn't just show a kid shooting his mother in the head. Now perhaps he didn't shoot her and she's still a zombie. either way, dead. In the comics she ends up being a victim of the Governor's attack on the prison, and the baby is a casualty as well. We'll have to see what they do with the baby now.

Governor answered as Philip, which is the same in the comics AND the novel. Now, in the novel we find out that the governor is actually using his brother's name after his brother AND niece were bitten and killed. The daughter should make an appearance soon as a zombie in the show. probably building it up for more suspense as well as saving that "card" for when they really want to show that he's crazy. However, his interest with that scientist guy is already foreshadowing that quite well if you've read the comics.

The black prisoner will probably be allowed to join the group. Mainly because he's going to take on T-Dogg's mantle as token black guy, but also that's what happens in the comics. However, Axel was an older white guy in the comics. As for the other prisoner- not sure where he fits. He could be the psychotic one, but the only fodder remaining for him is Hershel's younger daughter (still a possibility though). My money is on him being a rapist, trying to rape the daughter, and Carl killing him. In the comics, the psycho killed two of Hershel's younger kids, Rick and co. blame the other prisoners, and then they finally catch the guy that did it and kill him. However, the other prisoners (minus Axel) resent their actions and then try to take the prison- which we saw already.

I think Carol will start her descent into melancholy that we're familiar with in the comics. She abandoned T-Dogg, thus allowing him to be bitten. That will weigh heavily on her. We'll see what happens between her and Daryl, but I'm hoping they follow the comics on this one.

I really wish a few of the ancillary characters of the comics had been included in the show now. The twins (and to a certain extent their parents) have pretty neat storylines that I would have liked to see. Plus, that storyline in the comics is really where Carl gets his hardened edge. Looks like they'll use him having to shoot his mother as that plot tool.

Spoilers OVER

As for Merle and the Gov, i think we're starting to see the tension building there. Merle wants to go look for his brother, and the Governor doesn't want him to leave. I wonder if he wants to keep Merle under his thumb to keep his "secrets" and horrible acts isolated. He can't control what Merle says if he isn't in the town. I also think him and Daryl re-uniting might be a good thing for Rick's group and bad news for the governor.

I'm enjoying the new take on the series because I don't immediately know what's going to happen.
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