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Exclamation A few buys tonight!

Won a few things tonight and just wanted to share!!

Definitely liked this one!

The last williams did over $10 alone.

Freeman RC Limited Jersey Mike Williams RC Auto | eBay

A nice 3 clr , 4 break patch Jersey Number

Robert Turbin 2012 Certified 4 Color Jersey Patch RC Jersey 22 49 1 1 | eBay

and this lot I thought was a steal. Listed pretty bad. The 1/1 is an auto!! So pumped to get this. Might send the 1/1 in to get graded!

2008 Donnie Avery Elite Rainbow w True 1 1 3 CLR SP Authentic Colts | eBay
Always Buying. PayPal available and ready to be spent on deals!

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