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Looking at this from a case breaking perspective, Autos are very hit and miss. 20 cases / 12 autos per case / 240 autos. That's 6 per player on average, and some players will be high, others low.

In terms of RC's, I know I'll nab an average of 30-40 per player (and up to 100 on the prospects). More of a guarantee for me ...

I broke 20 cases of Bowman Chrome, nabbed 320 autos (33% more) and my best prospect auto in 20 cases was probably a Garcia Blue. (Purple Boss and Chafin ... YUCK)

Nab some good parallels, some good RC's and prospects, many chances at a bigger parallel or Super ... and guaranteed value (as close as I can get).

I played safe this time, rather than sorry.
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