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Default The Heat have one, so why not?..........KNICKS THREAD


I am not creating this thread to make fun of the thread about the heat. For the most part people have kept clean of trolling in that thread, I only ask that you do the same in this one. I know that may be hard with all of the Knicks bashing that everyone loves to do on these boards, but let's keep this for Knicks fans and discussions about the team, not "flame wars" or 15 page arguments. Keep it classy

That being said.........

What do you other Knicks fans think of the team so far. I know that it is still very early and way too early to be making guarantees. Somewhere throughout the season there will be stretches where injuries flare up and they limit minutes to rest some of the older players, but this 3-0 start against two of the upper level Eastern teams is impressive. I love the fact that they are sharing the ball and earning the wins on the defensive end.

They aren't always going to hit a dozen plus 3's every game, but if they can continue to limit teams to under 90 points then they will put themselves into great position to win games.
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